Artist / Designer / Photographer – Self-taught
* Born in Chile, 1952
* Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1976

For years, the biggest part of my artistic production has included several objects, collages, and photographs whose inspiration comes from the metaphorical images our sleep provides us. During that cloudy lapse, between drifting off and dreaming, I have a glimpse of the ideas and models I will work on. Semi-consciousness and dreams define the paths so that the artistic intuitions can do the rest.

This mysterious, peaceful, and a bit unreal feeling has inspired my creations since my first steps into collage. Several projects started to arise so naturally that I have become a self-taught artist. I have been traveling through photography, design, and sculpture in a confident and bold way.

I feel optimistic about the path I have chosen and I do not think I should follow predetermined artistic movements. During the creation process, I join ideas, products, thoughts, and feelings, sustained in the emptiness of the Tao, source and driving force behind everything that exists. However, characteristics of minimalism and monitored imperfection, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection of Wabi Sabi, come about spontaneously when I am creating my pieces.

* Galeria Cultura, Iguatemi, São Paulo, Brasil​
* 12º Paraty Em Foco, RJ, Brasil. Pré-selecionado
* Galeria Cultura, Iguatemi, São Paulo, Brasil​
* X Florence Biennale, Florença, Itália. Participação
* Galeria Cultura, Iguatemi, São Paulo, Brasil​
* Contemporary Art Talent Show, Pádua, Itália. Finalista
* 4º Prêmio Objeto Brasileiro, Museu A Casa, São Paulo, Brasil. Finalista
* Galeria de Arte Spazio Surreale, São Paulo, Brasil.
* Galeria Cultura, Iguatemi, São Paulo, Brasil​
* Showroom Continuum Design, São Paulo, Brasil​
* 1983 – “Medindo Ilusões”, Galeria de Arte Senac, São Paulo, Brasil
* 1983 – “Medindo Ilusões”, Du Pont do Brasil, São Paulo​
* 2003 – Museu Barão de Mauá, São Paulo
* 2002 – Fundação Nacional de Artes, Funarte, São Paulo
* 2001 – Espaço Cultural Socicam, São Paulo
* 1999 – Centro Universitário Maria Antônia, São Paulo
* 1983 – I Feira De Cultura, Secretaria da Cultura, São Paulo
* 1982 – II Mostra Colagem, Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo
* 1982 – Mostra de Colagem, Fundart, Araraquara, São Paulo
* 1982 – Galeria Senac de Novos Artistas, São Paulo
* 1982 – Galeria Senac Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo
* 1982 – Mostra de Colagem Shopping Center Sul, São Paulo
* 1981 – 3ª Mostra Nova. Centro de Artes Shopping News, São Paulo

2016 - ParatyEmFoco, "Metamorfose"
2015 - X Florence Biennale, "Cristo"
2015 - X Florence Biennale. ISBN-8788868741044
2014 - Contemporary Talent Show, "Banane vive"
2014 - Contemporary Talent Show
2014 - Museu A Casa. "Cadeira e-26"
2014 - Museu A Casa
1983 - Galeria de Arte Senac, Indivudual
1983 - Du Pont do Brasil, Individual